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Plumbing Tips From Conroe Plumbing

Plumbing Advice From an Expert

What Most Plumbers Won't Tell You

Most plumbing companies won’t tell you that some jobs can be done without having to pay a plumber to come to your house. For instance, did you know that, many times, when there is a rumbling noise under your sink it is simply a matter of the supply valve not being fully opened? Some plumbers would charge you a service call fee just for coming to your house and turning a valve handle! At Conroe Plumbing, customer satisfaction is top priority. If you choose to do it yourself, call us. We will be happy to give you our sound advice.

Leaky Faucet?

If your outside faucet is leaking, you may be able to stop the leak by simply tightening the nut below the hand wheel.  Never tighten more than 1/4 turn to avoid damaging the valve.

Toilet Troubles?

Don't treat your toilets as a universal garbage disposal. Just because a product is called disposable or flushable doesn't mean it should be flushed down the toilet. Keep a waste paper basket in the bathroom for such things as facial tissues, gum, all sanitary products, bandages and paper towels. Disposable diapers don't belong in a toilet unless you first remove the plastic liner and tear the paper diaper into smaller pieces. Flushing a single facial tissue down a toilet is unlikely to cause a problem, but it helps to develop a bad habit that creates the impression that a toilet can digest everything. Plus, flushing a toilet to dispose of a facial tissue is a colossal waste of water. Also remember that hazardous chemicals may not harm your toilets, but they shouldn't be flushed away either.

The above advise is doubly important if your toilets empty into a septic system. Plumbers report that they have found such things as toys, candy wrappers, panty hose, sanitary products, and drug paraphernalia in septic tanks. Garbage disposers are not recommended on systems that empty into septic tanks. If you have a garbage disposer and a septic system, use the disposer as sparingly as possible. It can take years for troubles to develop in a septic system but when they do they can be very difficult and expensive to remedy.

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